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Valentines Day for the Environmentally Conscious.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love, friendship and connectedness. Although mainstream media focuses this day on couples, it does not need to only be for romantic love! And it also doesn’t need to be about buying single-use “stuff”. Our economy pushes us towards un-necessary consumption during times like these. With the amount of waste created from these special occasions, it is extra important to focus on sustainable gift giving. Let’s keep our ecological footprint low this Valentine’s and give special gifts that won’t cost the environment.

Read below for a list of a few of our favourite ideas:

1. Baked or DIY gifts

Not only does everyone love baked goods but it can make someone feel very special when receiving homemade gifts from a friend or family member. Baking for others is also beneficial for us because it can feel therapeutic, act as a stress reliever, and you can feast on the goodies yourself!

2. Fair Trade Chocolate

Candy accounts for approximately half of the gifts given on Valentine’s Day. The cocoa industry is known to have a lot of problems both ethically and environmentally. Look out for the Fair-Trade stamp to ensure your chocolate choices are ethical.

3. Buy Local, quality gifts

Buying local is a sure way to keep your ecological footprint at a minimum. Not to mention, supporting your local business helps your local economy and supports a strong and healthy community. Also, make sure any gifts purchased are longer-lasting and something the person actually wants, or needs. We have our own DIY kits that make a great gift!

4. Gift experiences

Giving a memory can be much more special and will last a lifetime. Some ideas could be a workshop (follow us on Instagram to keep in touch with our upcoming nature craft workshops), weekend getaway, or tickets to a show or museum. Or how about a ticket to one our our upcoming workshops!

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