An art memorial for biodiversity loss.

Eulogy is an immersive art installation that mourns the loss of the species which no longer exist, and celebrates the life of those that are threatened. It will inspire action to support biodiversity in our regions. 

Come and visit the installation:

Stan Clarke Park, downtown Squamish

22 July - 1 August 2022

A huge, huge thank you to our wonderful supporters and sponsors: 


And our artists who are generously allowing us to use their artworks to showcase different ecosystems and actions that we can take to support biodiversity:

Art By Di

James Harry

Nat Tuke

Marcus Hynes

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One million species are at risk of disappearing.

Image by Ante Hamersmit
Image by Rendy Novantino

There are actions we can take to help biodiversity and ecosystems to thrive. 

July 22 - 1 August 2022, Stan Clarke Park, downtown Squamish