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We hope you enjoyed experiencing Eulogy. This page provides the references used and further information for the installation. 

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An art memorial for biodiversity loss.

Eulogy is an immersive art installation that mourns the loss of the species which no longer exist, and celebrates the life of those that are threatened. It will inspire action to support biodiversity in our regions. 

The installation was launched in Squamish, July 2022 and has been re-installed in Squamish in August 2022. We'd love for it to continue to be brought to life, reach out to us to bring it to your community! 


Behind the Scenes Video:


Eulogy SoundtrackThe Wilder
00:00 / 06:59

The soundtrack accompanying Eulogy uses the following sources. We encourage you to listen to them in their entirety for a further look into the conservation of our ecosystems. 


A huge thank you to the artists who are generously allowing us to use their artworks to showcase different ecosystems and actions that we can take to support biodiversity:


We are so grateful to the people and organizations that helped bring this exhibit to life. 


Thank you to the Squamish Arts Council and the District of Squamish for their contribution of a Community Enhancement Grant to help bring this dream to life.

Thank you to Matthews West for their sponsorship and commitment to upholding environmental standards and protection.

Thank you to A-FRAME Brewing Co. for featuring The Wilder as a Paying it Forward recipient for March and April in 2022 and raising funds for the installation through merchandise sales.

Thank you to Mountain Retreat Hotel for the donation of old hotel sheets, and to Kendor Textiles for their donation of recycled fabric for the streamers.

Thank you to Best Coast Lights for our awesome tunnel and light set up. 

What now?

We encourage you to get involved with local non-profits and organisations to take action in your area. A few of the local ones who contributed with advice and information are:


Aware Whistler - check out their eco tips for more actions that you can take to support our environment!

Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council - check out their Squamish’ Most Wanted for dangerous invasive species we can all help to keep an eye out for

Squamish River Watershed Society - volunteer and get involved in their education and watershed projects


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