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Tips for an extra green Christmas!

Christmas is green, gold, glitter and red already but we encourage everyone to make it even greener! Here are five tips for a low impact but high fun holiday season!

1. Make your own decorations and gift wrap from upcycled or natural materials from around your home and surroundings - why not have a zero waste decorating party with friends or family!

2. Cook the right amount of food or thoughtfully reuse leftovers to avoid unnecessary food waste, plus choose local, organic and where possible less meat this holiday season (our food choices make up a large amount of our individual carbon emissions).

3. Vacation thoughtfully, closer to home (check out amazing trips around with our Squamish friends - Mosaic Earth) and choose lower emissions transportation - carpool, train, bus, choose local vacations, or at least offset your carbon emissions when you fly.

4. Gift less, gift thoughtfully: baked, handmade or upcycled gifts; good quality gifts that will last a long time; locally made; or growable gifts will be loved, and add a seed greeting card that can be planted next Spring!

5. Gift experiences rather than things and create memories that last forever! How about a ticket to Camp Re-Wild, a special picnic, a private yoga or meditation session, or a sauna party with friends.

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