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Camp Daily Plan

We have a daily plan with some scheduled workshops and activities, but will have some other workshops and skillshares based on our offer for participants to run their own small group sessions, and some surprise sessions depending who joins us at camp. We also encourage you to shape the event by telling us what you would like to do and learn when you register!

We will regularly update this page and share updates about guests, facilitators, and partners as we shape the event based on our campers choices. Follow us on Instagram, and check back on this page regularly. 

Most importantly: every session is optional! Make your own small gathering and choose your own topics, participate in EVERYTHING, or pick and choose what sounds relevant to your life/work/goals.

Camp Goals

Live and work more sustainably and as part of the natural ecosystem

Share stories and learn about Indigenous allyship, native plants and their properties, foraging, and stewardship from the perspective of First Nations knowledge gained over lifetimes

Learn about startups, project planning, or take your business to the next level 

Learn about BCorp and other sustainability reporting and measurement, and social impact through business

Step up your leadership, facilitation, and community building skills

Get your hands blissfully dirty with plant-based dyes, paint, wildflower paper and clay; and advance your gardening skills

Make a plan to set out and achieve your personal and professional goals for 2022

Leave relaxed, rejuvenated, or energised (whichever you need in your life)

Try new things: yoga SUP, crafts, improv, talent show

Meet a supportive, fun group who also love learning, nature, and connecting

Join an ongoing community with networking, events and skillshares throughout the year


From 5.00pm arrival, find your bunk

Meet your wonderful fellow campers and share our first meal

Camp happy hour drinks, bonfire, smores and bonding at the lake


Morning activation: Yoga, forest run, meditation (or sleep in!), then breakfast


All day - facilitated workshops, playshops, and skillshares, hands-on activities: 

- Canoeing, SUP, games, crafts, hiking, sauna/hot and cold therapy

Evening: happy hour drinks by the lake, followed by group dinner, evening fun (dance party, trivia, talent show for example)


Morning energiser

All day - fun, educational, hands-on sessions, community-building activities, goal setting

Afternoon adventure and connecting

5.00pm departure and farewells for now but let's keep in touch!

Confirmed Sessions

Here are the workshops, activities, and playshops that you should expect to see at camp and we will reveal many more as we get closer to camp so watch this space, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!

Finnish sauna at Camp Re-Wild in Squamish, BC

The Finnish Sauna

Enjoy the treat of hot and cold therapy at camp. Jump between the beautiful Evans Lake and a cosy wood-fired mobile sauna thanks to the fun folks at The Finnish Sauna, sauna and community creators in the Sea to Sky area

Kai from the Ugly Truckling

Tiny house building & big little life

With Kai Watkins (@the_ugly_truckling), who spent her childhood building forts in the woods and decided to never grow up. She still lives in a fort in the woods and wants to inspire others to do the same. Chat about this big little life, building your own home, and woodworking as Kai has built everything in her home from scratch

Natural Dying Workshop at Camp Re-Wild

Dyeing with plant-based dyes

Hands-on craft activity with Constance Cope, Board member of local place-making non-profit Our Squamish, team member of Squamish Climate Action Network. Constance is an ecological farmer, organic master gardener and educator, who has a growing obsession with sustainable textiles and natural dyes

Social Impact Workshop with Melanie Lazelle at Camp Re-Wild

Social enterprise & impactifying your business

With the person thinking up cool things behind the scenes with The Wilder, our Founder Melanie Lazelle, who has been lucky enough to explore the world seeking good coffee, impactful business, and ideas about how to live and work with our Earth, not on it

B-Corp Workshop by Michelle Reid at Camp Re-Wild

All about BCorp

Michelle Reid, BLab Community Engagement and Activation Lead will lead a workshop all about BCorp and organisations leading the impact business movement across Canada. Create an action plan for your organisation and learn about the steps involved in becoming an accountable, transparent impact business

Permaculture workshop by Constance Cope at Camp Re-Wild

Gardening & Permaculture

Learn all about gardening and growing food, permaculture, and garden design with another workshop with Constance Cope, organic master gardener and permaculturist. Constance grew up on a beautiful farm on Vancouver Island surrounded by abundance, and has brought that beautiful abundance to her wild and productive backyard in Squamish

Youth Engagement workshop by Laura Bamsey at Camp Re-Wild

Youth climate action engagement

Come join Laura Bamsey from Youth4Action and youth from her network to share ideas and inspiration for engaging youth in local climate action and projects. Hear and share stories about school-based action projects and community policy change, how to overcome challenges, and project planning frameworks that support youth leadership. Leave this session with activities and frameworks to engage with youth, project ideas and contacts and connections to the BC sustainability education community.

Creative Workshops at Camp Re-Wild

Nature crafting

With The Wilder team, lovers of connecting, facilitated fun, games, and creating meaningful experiences, and experienced campers themselves. We will have a range of crafting activities paired with conversation starters throughout the weekend so that campers can unwind, get their hands dirty with paint, clay, seed planting, and chat with new people 

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