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Who are The Wilder?

The Wilder is a social enterprise; what exactly does this mean? We as an organisation prioritise social and environmental impact over profits. Our aim is to inspire environmental protection and sustainable practices; support the creation of more social enterprises and impactful businesses and projects through community and knowledge building; and improve people's wellbeing through being in nature and connecting with each other.

The Wilder is spearheaded by Melanie Lazelle, who has ended up in Squamish after journeying all over the world engaging with social enterprises, creating unforgettable immersive experiences, educating on sustainability and climate change, and researching what impactful, ethical business looks like. Along the way she built a tiny house, started an ethical fashion company, journeyed around India learning about supply chains from cotton fields to clothing factories, climbed to Everest Base Camp, and won a prize for her home-grown vegetables.

Our team are community-builders, educators, experience creators, creatives, and connectors. We love partnership and collaboration and building up others. We want to fuse environmental sustainability with entrepreneurship, education and learning, personal growth, and genuine, bold, authentic connection.

We would love for you to join our Tribe and journey with us. Reach out or join us at camp and let's connect!

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